Enrolling with Momentum Consulting (Qld)

When enrolling into one of these courses, a prospective Smart and Skilled learner will need to complete the following:

  • Completion of the Pre Training Review which includes a language, literacy and numeracy assessment
  • Completion of an Enrolment Form which includes a Smart and Skilled declaration and consent for the department to use your student information
  • Collect copies of Photo ID & Citizenship evidence
  • Signing the Training Plan
  • Obtaining a USI – either online or by filling in the declaration for Momentum Consulting (Qld) to create on your behalf.

Once we have confirmed your eligibility into a Smart and Skilled course, Momentum Consulting (Qld) Pty Ltd (the provider) must undertake the following Notification of enrolment process with the department

(a) (Consent) the Provider must first obtain the consent of the Prospective Student to the Department’s use of the Prospective Student’s information by:

.    (i)  the Prospective Student signing or electronically accepting (including by ticking a check box) a consent form that includes the wording set out in Schedule 1 of these Operating Guidelines or

.    (ii)  the Prospective Student verbally providing their consent provided that a consent statement is recited to the Prospective Student or is made available for the Prospective Student to read

To be clear, if the Prospective Student does not provide their consent, the Provider must not proceed with the Notification of Enrolment Process.

(b) (subcontractor) if the Approved Qualification is approved by the Department to be delivered by a subcontractor, the Provider must notify the Prospective Student (and any relevant employer)

(c) (Provider Calculator) the Provider must use the Provider Calculator to validate eligibility, input details of any Credit Transfers or Recognition of Prior Learning and generate details of the Fee chargeable and the applicable Subsidy together with any Loadings (if applicable). The Provider must provide the Prospective Student with details of the Fee chargeable

(d)  (Notification of Enrolment Report – Provider Copy) the Provider should generate and maintain a hard copy or electronic copy of the Notification of Enrolment Report – Provider Copy that can be referred to where the Fee and Subsidy is adjusted after the Commitment ID is issued.

(e)  (prospective student declaration) the Provider must confirm that the Prospective Student has signed or electronically accepted a declaration confirming:

(i)  all information provided by the Prospective Student to the Provider, in connection with the Notification of Enrolment Process is true, accurate, complete and not misleading in any way

(ii)  the Prospective Student is aware of any subcontracting arrangements (if applicable); and

(iii)  the Prospective Student had been provided with the details of the Fee chargeable and the Student Information.

Successful completion of the Notification of Enrolment Process will result in the issue of a Commitment ID.

The Notification of Enrolment Process must be carried out simultaneously with the Provider’s enrolment process and must be completed before the Provider delivers any Training to the student.