The program is ideal for experienced duty or shift managers who take responsibility for a small team. It is delivered as a blend of recognition of existing operational skills and training in safety, coffee shift planning, leadership and budgeting.

Through a series of live training webinars, submission of workplace documents and information and completion of assessment activities participants will gain this qualification which will ready them for the next step in their management journey.

This program is not suitable for those wishing to learn the basics of hospitality management.

Suited forHospitality duty or store / site / restaurant managers
Delivery MethodCombined live webinar, onsite visits and workplace training.
AssessmentsQuestions, observations, direct manager feedback and workplace document submissions and workplace activities.
Duration12 months for full-time employees, pro-rata for part-time.
LocationIn the workplace.
Entry Requirements
  • At least 12 months experience in a Food & Beverage Shift Supervisor role.
  • Currently working in a Food & Beverage Shift or Site Manager role.

 There are 21 subjects in this qualification:

  • SITXCCS007 Enhance customer service experiences (CORE)
  • SITHIND001 Use hygienic practice for hospitality service (Elective – Group B)
  • SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety (Elective – Group A)
  • SITHFAB007 Serve food and beverage (Elective – Import)
  • SITHFAB004 Prepare & serve non-alcoholic beverages (Elective – Group B)
  • SITXWHS002 Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks (Elective Group B)
  • SITXWHS003 Implement and monitor work health and safety practices (CORE)
  • SITXFSA002 Participate in safe food handling practices (Elective Group B)
  • SITXINV002 Maintain the quality of perishable items (Elective Group B)
  • SITHFAB005 Prepare and serve espresso coffee (Elective Group B)
  • SITXFIN001 Process financial transactions (Elective – Import)
  • SITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills (CORE)
  • SITHIND002 Source and use information on the hospitality industry (Elective Group B)
  • SITXHRM003 Lead and manage people (CORE)
  • BSBTWK201 Work effectively with others (Elective – Import)
  • SITXMGT001 Monitor work operations (CORE)
  • BSBPEF402 Develop personal work priorities (Elective – Import)
  • BSBDIV501 Manage diversity in the workplace (CORE)
  • SITXCOM005 Manage conflict (CORE)
  • SITXFIN003 Manage finances within a budget (CORE)